The Hollows – Mark Edwards


Having read a few novels from Mark Edwards I was delighted to be given a chance byNetGalley, Amazon Publishing UK and Mark Edwards to read The Hollows prior to publication. This is yet another great read from this author.

Tom has travelled to America from England to collect his teenage daughter, Frankie, from his ex-wife who lives in the States. He has booked a cabin in ‘Hollow Woods’ and soon discovers that there had been a double murder years ago. Not only that, it appears some of those who have booked the other cabins are there to visit the crime scene on the twentieth anniversary of the killings.

There is no internet connection or 4G network leaving Frankie annoyed with her father for booking such a place. Then strange things begin to happen and both Frankie and Tom are caught up in the middle.

This sent shivers down my spine at times with the atmospheric setting and weird individuals who occupy the other cabins as well as the locals from the nearest town. Many twists and turns from beginning to end and brilliantly descriptive writing which made me feel as if I was there as the story unfolded.

Great read.  Highly recommended.

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