Hostage – Clare Mackintosh


I have been lucky enough to read some great books this year so far and then I was given the opportunity to read this ARC of Hostage, thanks to NetGalley, Little, Brown Book Group UK and Clare Mackintosh in return for my honest review. I couldn’t wait. This is one of my favourite authors and this was yet another extraordinarily brilliant read. This author knows how to tell a story.

Mina is one of the cabin crew on the first non-stop flight from London to Sydney. The flight will last 20 hours, and Mina has swapped around with somebody to make sure she is on this flight. Married to Adam, a police officer and mum to Sophia she is avoiding her husband because she believes he has had an affair with their former child minder.

The story is told from different points of view and covers all aspects of what has previously happened and the current situation both on board the flight and back home where Adam is looking after Sophia. Incredibly well plotted the story develops from each person’s view and this adds to the tension and drama.

I loved every aspect of this incredibly realistic read and once again the ending was special.

I couldn’t recommend this highly enough, so if you have only one read this year then make it this one.

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