Rock Paper Scissors – Alice Feeney


This is the third book I have read by Alice Feeney and was pleased to receive my ARC of Rock Paper Scissors from NetGalley and HQ publishers in return for an honest review.

This was an exceptionally brilliant read from a talented author. Adam and Amelia are spending the weekend at a remote location in the Scottish Highlands as they are having marital problems. Amelia won the weekend break in a raffle from her place of work, Battersea Dogs Home. The journey to the location is through a snowstorm and they finally find the converted church they are to stay in.

Strange things begin to happen as soon as they arrive. Initially they cannot get into the accommodation as the doors are locked and there is no key. After looking around the building the doors are mysteriously open when they return to the front. Their dog, Ben, is growling and barking which is something he seldom does.

As the story progresses, we hear from both Amelia and Adam’s viewpoints along with their secrets, as well as letters written to Adam but not sent to him from his wife on each wedding anniversary.

Excellent pacing and impeccable plotting leads to a ‘wow’ finale.

A must read.

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