The Heights – Louise Candlish


I am a fan of Louise Candlish, having read many of her previous novels so was delighted to receive the ARC of The Heights in return for my honest review. Thanks to NetGalley, Simon and Schuster UK and Louise Candlish for this opportunity.

Ellen Saint sees Kieran Watts in the penthouse of a building opposite where she is having a business meeting. The Heights is an apartment building in the posh Shad Thames area of London and Ellen doesn’t think he should be alive as she believes she was responsible for his death.

Ellen blamed Kieran for the death of her son, Lucas, who drowned when he couldn’t get out of the car Kieran was driving even though Kieran managed to get out and survive.

Ellen tells the story from 2012 when Kieran came into their lives and seemed to dominate all aspects of what Lucas was involved with. This story is interspersed with an article about Ellen, Killing Time, from 2021.

It is a story of hatred, revenge and anger which takes control of Ellen. Cleverly plotted with some unpleasant characters and a wicked twist at the end.

Excellent. Highly recommended.

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