When The Guilty Cry – M J Lee


I have read all of the D I Ridpath series by this author and they are brilliant.  Anyone who hasn’t read any of this series should get to it now.

Another wonderful read and, as I have said before, D I Ridpath is my favourite detective character as he has imperfections and in this one is struggling to be a single parent along with all the other inner battles he has.  Although this is one in a series it is easily read as a standalone.

D I Ridpath is part of the Greater Manchester Major Incident Team (MIT) and has been seconded to the coroner’s office and we begin this novel with a scene from an inquest to determine whether a teenager who went missing in 2009 should have a Presumption of Death certificate issued.

Meanwhile three embalmed hands are found in a derelict building which used to be a children’s home. DI Ridpath is given this investigation as the obnoxious DCI Turnbull considers this beneath him to investigate. Ridpath gets assistance from Sophie, at the coroner’s office and Chrissie and Emily at MIT and they work tirelessly for him as he inspires loyalty.

Fast paced with intriguing twists and turns from start to finish and several hardnosed issues faced head on. Another clever part of the plot is linking the covid restrictions into the storyline as this is a subject which we all know a great deal about.

Thank you to NetGalley, Canelo and M J Lee for my ARC of When The Guilty Cry in return for my honest review.

Another exceptional read and highly recommended.

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