Trick or Treat – Katerina Diamond


I have read all of Katerina Diamond’s Imogen Grey series and thoroughly enjoyed them and this was no exception. Although part of a series this could easily be read as a standalone.

Marcus Carlyle, 6 years old, is kidnapped on Halloween as he rides his new bike along the street outside his house. The kidnappers call the parents immediately and tell the parents not to call the police, however, the kidnap had already been reported to the police, anonymously.

DS Imogen Grey investigates and she is concerned about the father’s reactions to the kidnapping and ransom demand. There is a race on to find Marcus before anything happens to him.

Imogen’s boyfriend, who has left the police force and is working at a private security firm is facing his own demons, which does continue from the previous book. This is a sensitive subject and treated with care and respect.

This author manages to throw in so many twists and turns with great building of characters and impeccable plotline. 

Thank you to NetGalley, Avon Books UK and Katerina Diamond for my ARC of Trick or Treat in return for my honest review.

Excellent read, highly recommended.

All for You – Louise Jensen


I have read Louise Jensen’s novels before and they are always edge of the seat reading and this one is no exception.

Married couple, Aiden and Lucy, have two sons, Connor, who is college age and Kieron who has a medical condition affecting his liver and a few years younger than Connor.  Connor’s two best friends have gone missing, followed by Connor.

There are multiple viewpoints throughout and I found it kept me interested. There are red herrings and numerous twists and turns, most of which I didn’t see coming.

Many thanks to NetGalley, HQ and Louise Jensen for my ARC of All for You in return for my honest review.


The Midnight Hour – Elly Griffiths


As a fan of Elly Griffiths, I have read all of the series with forensic archaeologist, Dr Ruth Galloway, which is brilliant but this is my first read of the Brighton Series and it was certainly different but highly entertaining. It can easily be read as a standalone but I now feel the need to get the rest in the series.

The Midnight Hour is set in the 1960s and a theatre impresario, Bert Billingham, is found dead in his chair one Sunday by one of his sons. He has been poisoned and the son accuses his mother, Verity, of murdering Bert. Verity hires private investigators Emma, previously police officer and wife of Edgar, and Sam, previously a reporter, to look into it.

There are numerous twists and turns alongside an interesting slant on sexism in that era.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Quercus Books and Elly Griffiths for my ARC of The Midnight Hour in return for my honest review.


Sleeping With a Psychopath


This is the true story of when Carolyn Woods met Mark Acklom, originally known to her as Mark Conway. 

She was living in a quiet Cotswold village, renting a beautiful cottage and looking to buy her own with a substantial amount of money from the sale of her previous house. This money was sitting in the bank and, in the meantime, she had found a job in a small, local boutique.

One fateful day Mark walks into the shop and her life changes beyond recognition in a short space of time. She was conned out of her money.

I have to admit about being sceptical when I began this but I devoured it in two days as it was compulsive reading. Of course, I would say that I would never let this happen to me but he managed to con a fair few people out of substantial sums of money. There but for the grace of god…

Many thanks to NetGalley, HarperCollins UK and Carolyn Woods for the opportunity to read and give an honest review.

Excellent read and highly recommended. I hope this is a number one best seller and film.

Missing – Erin Kinsley


I have read Erin Kinsley before and thoroughly enjoyed the read. This was superb.

The story begins on a beach where a woman, Alice, walks out to sea with the intention of killing herself. Although there is an attempt at rescuing her it is clear she does not want to live.

One of her daughters, Lily, calls the other, Marietta, who is living overseas and asks her to come home as their mother is missing and Lily has been asked to go and identify a body which is believed to be Alice.

In the meantime, DI Russ Fox is investigating a cold case of ‘Baby Michael’ who was found dead some twenty-five years ago.

The characters are well rounded and I loved Marietta who stays in her home town despite her misgivings as the tale unfolds and the reasons for Alice’s suicide is looked into.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Headline and Erin Kinsley for my ARC of Missing in return for my honest review.

Excellent read.  Highly recommended.