The Night She Disappeared


I have read several Lisa Jewell novels and this is an author I follow more and more.  Her writing is clever, well plotted and original in every sense.

In 2017, Tallulah and Zac live with Tallulah’s mum, Kim, and head out for a ‘date night’ leaving Kim to look after their baby. Kim receives a message at 11pm telling her the two of them are heading to a friend’s house for a party.

Neither Tallulah nor Zac return and Kim begins the search for her daughter who she knows would never abandon her baby boy. It leads her to a house called Dark Place which is owned by the Jacques family and their daughter Scarlett knew Tallulah from the college they both attend.

In 2018 a new head teacher arrives at the public school which backs onto the same woods as Dark Place. His girlfriend sees a sign in the woods saying ‘Dig Here’ and she finds a ring. Sophie is a detective fiction novelist.

There are so many aspects to the story and it is cunning, tense and, as always, an excellent ending.

Thank you to NetGalley, Random House UK, Cornerstone and Lisa Jewell for my ARC of The Night She Disappeared in return for my honest review.

Super read and highly recommended.

The Marriage – K.L. Slater


I have read all of K L Slater’s previous novels and have enjoyed every single one and this is no exception

Bridget Wilson is 48 and she marries Tom Billinghurst, who is 20 years younger than her while he is still in prison for killing her son, Jesse, who was best friends with Tom. Add to this the fact that Bridget has stayed in touch with Jesse’s former girlfriend whose son calls Bridget ‘Nan’.

The story is told from different viewpoints and timelines and is complex and thoroughly engaging. Needless to say, a marriage with such an age difference causes more than a little concern especially with Tom’s mother, Jill, who believes Bridget is seeking some sort of revenge. Jill appears to be in a loveless marriage and seeks to control Tom’s every move.

It is clear that there are many secrets within the families and they are gradually revealed as the plot progresses.

Another brilliant read and highly recommended.  Thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture and KL Slater for the ARC of The Marriage in return for my honest review.

Left You Dead – Peter James


I have read all of the Roy Grace series in order of publication so follow the story closely. So far, it has been excellent and this is another brilliant instalment.

The story starts out with Eden and Niall Paternoster spending their Sunday as they usually do by visiting a country house. On the way home Eden insists they stop at the local supermarket to buy cat litter as they have run out.

Niall is annoyed and waits in the car but Eden does not return to him. He tries to find her in the supermarket but there is no trace of her anywhere around the shopping complex. He expects that, because they have argued, she will have gone home, but there is no sign of her there and none of her family and friends know where she is.

Eventually calling the police, it isn’t long before he is suspected of her murder and as the story unfold there are twists, turns and some tremendous shocks. Alongside this clever storyline there are a couple of major changes in Roy Grace’s work and personal life.

I enjoyed this read, possibly more than usual for this author’s novels, because I had recently seen the TV adaptation and had the picture of those actors in my head as I read it.

Thank you to NetGalley, Pan Macmiilan and Peter James for my ARC of Left You Dead in return for my honest review. 

Not to be missed.  Highly recommended.

Twisted Lies – Angela Marsons


Well, now to Book 14 in the Detective Kim Stone Crime series and they just keep getting better. Angela Marsons has nailed it yet again and, for anybody who hasn’t read the whole series, I would recommend reading them all in order. Having said that, this can be read as a standalone.

Kim Stone has been instructed to take Tracy Frost, a reporter who has felt the anger of Kim’s comments before, on a ride along as they make their way to see a mother, who has had one of her daughter’s, Trisha Morley, murdered allegedly by the daughter’s husband, Nick. There is to be a retrial and there is a serious doubt that he will be found guilty as, being a barrister himself, he has used the full weight of a public relations company to highlight how wonderful he is.

After this somewhat unsatisfactory meeting, Kim is called to the scene of what is an awful murder. A man was brutally tortured prior to being killed and Kim must advise the wife. Within 24 hours the wife and her two sons have disappeared completely. Then the bodies start to pile up for Kim and her team as Frost decides to go on a one-woman crusade to prove Nick Morley guilty of his wife’s murder.

The murders are brutal and, as usual with this author the twists are unexpected and exceptionally clever. The ending has two aspects which really hit hard, and I just loved it. Leaving on a cliff hanger ready for the next instalment.

I have read some seriously good books this year and this is up there. Do not miss out on this one.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture and Angela Marsons for my ARC of Twisted Lies in return for my honest review.

Not to be missed, highly recommended.

The Perfect Life – Nuala Ellwood


Another great read from this author. The Perfect Life centres around Vanessa who seems to have it all. She has the job she wants, the boyfriend, the best friend and sister but she still craves more and dresses as somebody else to view houses she cannot afford, so will not be buying.

As an opening Vanessa is asked by the police to assist with a murder enquiry. She had viewed the house he was found dead in on the same day as the murder under a different name. it turns out to be her favourite author from when she was younger.

The story is told from Vanessa’s viewpoint between past and present which reveals how happy she was and how life has changed for her. The twists and turns keep coming and I was totally engrossed.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Penguin General UK and Nuala Ellwood for my ARC in return for my honest review.