My Sister is Missing – Julia Barrett


 ‘I’m not the wife you think I am.’

Stephanie Henderson gazes at her newborn daughter and wonders if husband Adam will notice the lack of resemblance.  But when her lover demands a paternity test, Stephanie tells Adam a string of lies – lies that lead the two men to a dramatic confrontation.  Without warning, Stephanie and her baby disappear. So when CCTV images appear of a young woman who fits Stephanie’s description holding a baby, jumping in front of a high-speed train, her sister Jess fears the worst.  But was it Stephanie?  And if not, where has she gone?  In turmoil and in search of answers, Jess breaks her sister’s privacy and reads her journals.  But Jess is not prepared for what she uncovers… or for what happens next.  My Sister is Missing is an intense, twisted psychological thriller that will make you question what is real, and whether you really can trust those you love.

My Review


This is the debut novel by Julia Barrett and I will certainly be seeking out more from this author as soon as they are published.  It is an engaging story and with numerous twists and turns that kept me guessing throughout.  The author delves into the issues of mental health, dysfunctional families and relationships where interdependency can lead to misunderstandings and distrust.

Stephanie, married to Adam, is the older sister of Jess whose partner, Matt, has gone travelling ‘to find himself’ because of arguments him and Jess have been having relating to her mistrust.

Adam contacts Jess one morning when Steph has been missing all night and she has taken their new born baby girl.  Totally out of character for Steph, they talk to the police and are both beside themselves with worry.  All is not as it seems and the different nuances of the relationships begin to show.

When there is a report of a woman, holding a baby, jumping in front of a train Jess can’t believe it is her sister and as the video footage isn’t clear she sets out to track her down after reading through the journals her sister has been writing in daily.  Meanwhile Adam is behaving strangely and the trust between Jess and Adam is at a low point.

Thanks to NetGalley, RedDoor Publishing and Julia Barrett for my ARC in return for my honest review.  A thought provoking, compelling story, which I couldn’t put down.

Excellent read, highly recommended.

About the author

 Julia Barrett began her working life as a primary school teacher.  She has worked in public relations for the NHS and as an in-house journalist for Queen Mary, University of London.  She is a Faber Academy alumna and is currently working towards completion of an MA in Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, University of London.  She is currently working on her second crime thriller.




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